United Infrared Membership

Has anyone joined United Infrared? http://www.unitedinfrared.com/
If so how has it been as a member, have you received any leads from them and how are the marketing materials and support you get. Thanks in advance. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Alexa Traffic Rank = 3,622,614

Me thinks their web traffic reflects a lack of interest.

That website is horrible. The domain is less than 2 years old and only appears to be registered year to year.

Never heard of them. Here’s a Goole search results for United Infrared. Not much there!! Looks like they need time (or your money) to grow. Another new vendor providing IR training. I would also like to know what you get for the $500 membership fee.

I am a member of United Infrared but haven’t had a chance to get to one of the training modules yet. The have been on the west coast for the past couple of months. I agree that the website is sparse and needs some work. I too would be interseted in getting feedback on others experience. One thing that I noticed is that if you attended most of the modules your outlay of cash would be substantial. Of course if your return on investment is high who cares.

Here is another link with additional information http://unitedinfrared.com/join/.

The cost are very high, but a couple of jobs would pay for it. I would like to hear from others as well.

I am a Thermographer in California. I looked into this deal. It is expensive to get involved ($500) and the training is even more expensive, on the order of $1500 for a module. With it comes an “Exclusive” territory. Supposedly, if they get a request for services via the website, they will refer it to you. The key word is IF they get a request.

That’s a lot of money to lay out in these times on the hope that it will get repaid by increased work. The website does not have great traffic stats. I track this stuff having two websites of my own to promote my IR business.

Http://www.Thermal-Diagnostics.com &

Both of mine get a fair amount of traffic and I have gotten some business from them. I do my own SEO and usually end up on the first page of Google in the “organic” results (not sponsored) Not bad for free!

I tried the Google Adwords thing for a few months with a company called Yodle. Waste of time and money. Yes, my links showed up at the top of many major search engines but I never got one job out of it. I do better on my own. The best chance is promoting to businesses directly, getting referrals from past successful jobs and talking to anyone you meet anywhere. I never go ANYWHERE without a pocket full of cards and anyone that stands still long enough gets one! :mrgreen:

Lately, I’ve been pushing the “Green” and “Energy Saving” buttons in my promo. You know, go with the flow.:wink: Give Em what they want or have been told by the media that they need. Whatever works, I gotta eat too!


I think you guys might be looking at United Infrared through foggy glasses, and based on only two factors. Their website hits and the cost. Spending 1 hour with Greg Stockton can make you 10x that. Peter is way beyond 99% of anyone in the IR inspection industry as well. Greg is by far and away the most successful thermographier in the country. He does jobs that bring in more revenue than we can do in a year’s worth of working…all of us combined. This guy passes on jobs that most of us consider huge jobs.

I am not saying it is for everyone, but if you are considering becoming a United Infrared member based on website hits or cost, then you are looking at it completely wrong.


Dear All:

As a web publisher for several years, I too, would recommend caution when using Alexa Traffic Rankings to gauge the performance of websites. From their own website, Alexa offers the following disclaimers regarding the accuracy of their traffic rankings:

*Some Important Disclaimers

The traffic data are based on the set of toolbars that use Alexa data, which may not be a representative sample of the global Internet population. To the extent that our sample of users differs from the set of all Internet users, our traffic estimates may over- or under-estimate the actual traffic to any particular site.

In some cases traffic data may also be adversely affected by our “site” definitions. With tens of millions of hosts on the Internet, our automated procedures for determining which hosts are serving the “same” content may be incorrect and/or out-of-date. Similarly, the determinations of domains and home pages may not always be accurate.

Sites with relatively low traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa. Alexa’s data comes from a large sample of several million Alexa Toolbar users and other traffic data sources; however, the size of the Web and concentration of users on the most popular sites make it **difficult to accurately determine the ranking of sites with fewer than 1,000 monthly visitors. **Generally, traffic rankings of 100,000 and above should be regarded as not reliable. Conversely, the closer a site gets to #1, the more reliable its traffic ranking becomes.
In most cases, the only people who get excited about Alexa rankings are those who are:

  • Not familiar with the above disclaimers
  • Impressed by the high or low rankings that they wish to quote
  • Affiliated with Alexa

Unless you are dealing with a highly trafficked site, Alexa rankings are highly suspect.

Dear Matt:

United Infrared is owned by Greg Stockton, a thermographer that I have known for over 10 years. In all of my dealings with Greg, I have found him to be a professional and a man of his word. If you have not already done so, I would recommend that you give him a call directly to see what his company can do for you.

Should you wish to meet more of the United Infrared staff and other United Infrared members, I would invite you to join us at our annual IR/INFO Conference next month in Orlando, FL. Admission to the Exhibitor Showcase area is FREE and will be open from January 10-12.

Please feel free to give me a call if you require further information. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor and in the New Year.

It appears that in just 2 weeks they’ve moved up over 1 million spots and their 3 month traffic is up 200%. I’d say their web traffic reflects quite the opposite. At this rate, they should be able to overtake another sites’ ranking in a matter of weeks…


I see InspectorOutlet.com sells IR cameras for hundreds of dollars
less than your store. How is that working for ya? :mrgreen: Are you still
mad about that? InterNACHI members are happy.

Really John??? Was that necessary oh great one? :roll:

I just respond in kind… little brother.


You should of bought one from us, then you would own the top spot in google for “Dallas Texas Infrared”


That is worth a heck of a lot more than a couple of hundred bucks.

I will have Barry up there for “Texas Infrared”, “Dallas TX Thermal Imaging”, “Dallas Texas Thermal Imaging” and “Texas Thermal Imaging” inside of a month. Probably only number 2 for “Texas Infrared”. Top spot on that one would be rough to overtake.

When I get more time I will work on these next: Palestine, Huntsville, Bryan, Conroe, Nacogdoches, College Station, Lufkin, Crockett, Corsicana, Livingston, Palestine, Conroe, Nacogdoches, Huntsville, Lufkin, Crockett, Livingston, Bryan, College Station, Athens, Lake Conroe, Lake Livingston, Corsicana.


Dallas is not my area, even though I get calls to go up there. Let me
know when you own the other cities. I don’t see you anywhere on
these cities that I show up on the front page :mrgreen:

BTW… I am already on googles front page for ‘Texas Infrared’ and ‘Texas
Thermal Imaging’. I did it without buying anything from you or having
someone else do it for me.

Do you want some help? :wink:

I met Greg Last week at the Inframation Conference in Las Vegas and was able to get some in-site into United Infrared.
First, I think it is necessary to separate the benefits of their program into two categories;1) business leads and product discounts and 2) training and the ability of the affiliate to grow using the resources that United Infrared offers.
Greg was one on the best presenters at the conference and was able to show a very large audience why he is one of the best in the business of thermal imaging.He and his team are trying to put together a quality group of professionals that can set the standard for the rest of the industry.
IR has so many applications and is developing so quickly it is hard to know who to believe and trust to deliver a solid qualitative (much less quantitative) result in any of the many applications.
I will join United with the purpose of improving my skills and learning all I can in this incredible field.
The business leads will only be an added benefit. If I get no leads I will still consider it worth the time and money.
I do hope they will spend a little more time improving their web site and I would really like to see them open a discussion board like this one for members.
One last item, I was able to save several thousand dollars on a new FLIR camera through united. I tried to get the discount directly from a FLIR rep and was not able to do so.
I have been using IR for 6 years and have been certified for three. I own my own company and specialize in commercial building issues and inspections.

I’ve been keeping my eye on UI for the last few months and finally decided to join up with them after meeting Greg and Peter(founders) at FLIR’s InfraMation conference.

I’m actually in and have been in Ontario, CA this week taking my first training module MoistureFindIR.

I will admit, it is hard finding a good and honest review pertaining to UI and it’s even harder giving up $3k to take a CHANCE with another company in these times.

All I could ever really get out of anybody when asking around about UI was “Greg’s a great guy” or “Greg has more experience than 90% of the people in the business” or “Peter was one of the pioneers in Equine Thermography” and bla bla bla bla(what does that have to do with me?)… That’s all great stuff but that’s not what I wanted to hear. People can use their great reputations to profit off of you just as easily as trying to make a success of you.

I wanted to hear why I should give them $500 then another $2500 for training to get involved with them" I wanted to hear how they were going to make my business grow, my wallet grow, my network grow, etc… I wanted to know why I should give them $2500 for 3-4 days of training instead of buying the $1500 wide-angle lens I’ve been wanting for over 6 months.

I wanted to know if I was going to get leads, referrals, extra business, or SOMETHING to justify the $2500 that I needed to get on board. I just couldn’t seem to get an accurate enough review from anywhere to answer all these questions I was seeking.

I continued to study my options, took what information I could gather, and made my decision based on a few things such as :

They AREN’T just trying to get as many folks signed up willing to pay and they **AREN’T **telling anyone to join or become involved by pushing or selling the thought of a bunch of referral opportunities.

My very first question to Peter was “how does your program work pertaining to referrals and leads for my area”(I like money)? I was immediately told that if I was wanting to become involved with UI for referrals than I’ve come to the wrong place. That’s not exactly what I wanted to hear but I was atleast hearing the truth.

They require a Level 1 certification before allowing you into their training. I had to pay for level 1 training before they would let me give them $3k for membership and to start UI training. That basically told me that they were only seeking people who are willing to invest in themselves vs. only people willing to invest in something for an easy profit.

I knew when I sat down in my first training module that I would be sitting with a group of people who had already invested atleast $4k minimum in their training and were serious about their training vs sitting with a group of people trying to claim or gain another certificate to market.

I didn’t want to be apart of a professional Infrared organization with fellow members using Infrared cameras that cost less than my first training course.

I’m willing to invest in my training, my learning opportunities, and the best equipment for the job and I want to be part of a group of people who feel the same way. I felt United Infrared was within my same mind-set so I joined up.

Yesterday I started my first UI class while still feeling a bit of the financial pains of becoming involved. I figured it would be a bunch of us new guys but to my surprise, out of about 11 of us, only 2 of us were new to the UI training. The majority of the class had already taken 2-3 of the other modules and were budgeting for future modules. I began to feel quite a bit better knowing that if 80% of the class was returning students than they must have received the value I was REALLY hoping to receive.

I gotta get to bed now but I will give my FULL and unbiased review about UI when I return home. No, it’s not perfect and yes it could use some improvement in areas(in my opinion) but overall I am not dis-appointed in my decision. I’ve actually gone ahead and signed up for the Equine Thermography class in Orlando.

I’ll be back home in a couple days but If you have any specific questions about UI than I’ll be glad to honestly answer them(with what I know) without the sugar coating.

They do a lot in marketing and education.

If you want to do it all on your own, more power to you…

They are doing the marketing and education offerings you as an independent will need to survive this venture.

I’d be interested in the Alexa ratings for the JM School of IR (you don’t need to know all that stuff)…