Universal 4-Point Report

Does anyone use InterNACHI’s universal 4-point form? I tried to use it a few times and keep getting rejected. I’m in Jacksonville, Florida and would like to know a good form to use.
Thank you for helping,
Glenn McMillan
American Certified Home Inspections

I searched my computer, and couldn’t come across one. I use to have there form a while back Also try posting this in the Florida section. If you get a fillable form, let me know. I would like a copy.

John Shishilla has one he offers members for free. Go here: http://www.nachi.org/shishilla.htm

Out of curiosity, why was it rejected?

Glenn, do you need a Universal Insurance Company 4-Point or Just a plain old 4-Point form?

Two insurance companies said the questions were not correct or what they wanted. State Farm makes me use the one for them only. Thank you for the replies and the links. It looks like the ones from John Shishilla are a little different so I’m going to try that one.
I have Citizens, Tower Hill and State Farm, I just would like to have only one if that would be possible. Thank you again.

never had a Citizens rejected

Me Neither. And I upsell it :slight_smile: $150.00 most times :smiley:

So would we all!

I discussed this with some Florida inspectors this weekend. I know some are working on it, but do not hold your breath.

I’m probably in the minority, but I believe that standardization of a “universally accepted” 4 point form will lead to a race to the bottom of any fee structure.

No Sh-t… I have been trying to tell these fools this for years…

Just like licensing HAS made us all EQUAL in the eyes of AGENTS and CLIENTS :frowning:

Maybe they will listen to you?

I doubt it :frowning:

That has not happened yet?

? Fees in the toilet? or a universally accepted or mandated 4 pt. form?

Fees in the crapper

I guess that depends on one’s perspective. Assuming you are correct and fees for 4 pts. are NOT in the crapper, could that be at least partially because we do NOT have a standardized or universal 4pt. inspection form? If yes, then it would appear that you agree with my assessment of the insurance inspection racket.

Of the inspectors I know personally there is a very big move to limit insurance inspections only as an add-on to full home inspections due to the fees being in the toilet no doubt.

I would agree with that. I have been moving out of the insurance inspection business for years.

I agree ------only if I am standing around will I do a stand alone insurance inspection and at my price. A pain with very little return…its become a added on service to the HI!

Has anyone tried to use this form on a Mac or iPad? I like the form especially with the drop down menu but was having trouble loading pictures.

Jeff Iosa

Works great on the ipad with PDF Expert

The low fee high volume insurance inspector has been hoping for this trend and thanks us for it. Standardization of a universally accepted 4 pt. inspection form (if ever accepted) should accelerate this trend.