Universal Thermal Imaging Software?

Anyone know of a universal thermal imaging analization software? I have a Testo camera that uses their own reporting software and analization tools and it SUCKS!!! I am looking for something that I can easily batch convert my images to a usable format for reporting instead of doing them one by one.

Are you sure you’re looking for analization software???

Each camera manufacturer has their own proprietary radiometric images and software.


The initial image format is proprietary to the camera manf. I don’t expect any standard in the foreseeable future. Most of these cameras don’t have a software developers kit (SDK) so any software to batch convert would have to come from the camera manf.


LOL. I don’t think the imager was intended for that. :shock:

Certainly another feature to look for when making a purchase decision.
Often the “starter” software is outgrown quite quickly as many others have discovered. The “full featured” software is typically $1-2k additional. Something many manufacturer’s, vendors, and some educators don’t tell you about. :wink:

You might look into http://www.infraspection.com/exception_software.html
Not sure about its features as I don’t personally use it… yet.

Very true William. Tack on calibration expense for camera and/or lenses, accessories etc. However, exception is reporting software and not image processing software.

Scott, call Testo. I am not familiar with the newer Testo software. Their customer service is really good.


Fluke is the only one with an SDK which we’re checking out now. The rest don’t want to share :frowning:

Check out

The FREE software packages that come with all IR cameras are very limited and I do not of anyone that uses them for “reporting” in the real world. Most load the images into their favorite report software (or word pad) and treat the images just like any other image.

Here is a free image editor that allows you to change all your images at one time with a couple clicks.


You might try Dual-View software. I’ve been using it for awhile and its easy and presents a nice report.