Unknown Roof Covering

A 2012 home had the composition roofing material removed and some kind of sealant applied to the roof deck. The sealant was thin, could feel the roof deck when I tapped on it. Anyone have any idea what this is. The owner didn’t know exactly what the covering was, but said it was a type of sealant. There was no material laid down, but a type of liquid membrane.

Possibly a roll on silicone roof sealant such as Gaco.

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Liquid Rubber Roof Hersham, Surrey - Ashdene Roofing - YouTube

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A patch job in any case…

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Looks like TPO or PVC (however, I cannot see if there are welds) with an unknown surface coating.

Flex Seal? Fixes everything, including roofs according to the label.


It looks like a thick coating over something with some minerals/granules in it but it’s hard to say. I know with torch-down there are a lot of products to seal it with. Maybe something like this:

I’m not sure if this is regional but true torch-downs roofs are becoming pretty rare. My area has fire-spotter requirements (usually someone must remain onsite for 4 hours after the work is finished) so the only “roofers” doing it usually aren’t following the rules. Virtually all new flat roofs are some type of membrane.

It looks like a silicone roof coating or possibly a latex elastomeric, silicone will feel to the touch like silicone chalk. Latex will feel like dry paint

There were no granules in the coating. I don’t know if the owner was applying paint or another sealant coat. The membrane Is the “unpainted” part.

Looks like an elastomeric sealant to me.