Unknown roof penetration

Does anyone know what this is?

Permanent roof anchor.


Forgive me for being new but why would you ever need this installed once the home is completed?

In case someone needs to climb the roof for repairs or to re-roof, etc.

Oh ok, thanks. Just caught me by surprise. Looked like some fancy lighting rod lol.

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You’re welcome! :smile:

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A multi-purpose anchor system:


I saw one like that last summer when they were moving a house a short distance.

Okay, it was a doll house… :joy:


Great question Larry, and thanks for the answer Junior. Almost all the new homes built in my subdivision in the last 2 years have that, and I’ve been wondering what it was. I can’t drive down those streets without looking at them and wondering…and now I know.

PS: However, none of the roofers were ever tied off during their installations, even after 1 guy fell off the first floor roof and had ambulance and police respond. He was lucky and not hurt. However, that incident didn’t cause the GC to tell the framers and roofers to be careful and follow proper fall protection.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: