Unknown supply line

Does anyone know what type of water supply line this is? It’s a black plastic with no label. I’ve been seeing a lot of these.

New faucet? Those are factory installed with the faucet. Not sure what the actual poly family is, but it’s not PB, so no issue.

Sorry… too busy waiting for that GFI to go kerfluey !!! :shock:

It’s most typically polyethylene for those supply connectors.


as Brad said they come as part of the faucet…they look scary cheap…

Hello, I’ve seen those lines as well. Usually with lower end faucet kits. Its almost like a flexible ABS material. They sometimes fail at the fittings. Its a compression fitting with a plastic or brass ferrule. I’ve seen more issues on the hot side rather than cold due to expansion.

kerfluey !!! Can I use that in a report? :smiley: