Unlicensed contractor FUBAR

Got called out the other day by a home owner whose finished garage apartment walls were bowing out…

The story goes his new wife had a friend from Michigan who supposedly is a licensed contractor…there, not here in NC. In order to save money…there’s the main problem right there…she opted to allow an unlicensed contractor convert the garage into an accessory building (apartment) which required taking off the roof and putting up another floor and roof for the said apartment…oh yeah, lets just do this so no permits are pulled that way I wont have to pay taxes on the additional 2400 square feet to this accessory building.

We get the call (contracting side of our business) to see what’s going on…the owner already took all the drywall off to the upper floor.

As soon as I enter the room and look at the roof it’s obvious…

The couple has now put a claim against this unlicensed contractors insurance…I have not set down and done a detailed cost of repairs but off the top of my head we are looking at $185,000.00.

All because someone wanted to say a few dollars in permit fees and property tax…the homes in this neighborhood run close to 1,000,000.00

The yankee in me had to keep my from saying…“you get what you paid for…” :roll:

If the builder new what he was doing he would have realized if he spent an extra $1000.00 this would have never happened…no kidding the amount to have done it right would not have added up to $1000.00 in material…now we are looking $185,000.00 in repair cost…lol…sorry but I cant help but laugh any more at those who are so penny wise and pound foolish.

Can dig that.

Per that, ‘$1,000 more’
Pretty much like peeps who do all kinds of shtt, dumb cheap shtt they think or are told will fix their leaky basement…not.

Or even when they hire these inside system terds, same thing.

Or when house being built, whats with these builders who put CORKS in the rod ho’s!!! lolol Jesus k man, try filling em all in w/hydraulic cement, how much would that cost.

Or when they don’t even bother to parge the exterior of some basement walls and many crawlspace walls or, just damproof them and backfill w/same shttball soil instead of waterproofing the walls and backfilling w/gravel.

Went to a 3500 sq ft house this morning…walked in finished basement and red flags all over the place…agent was there and told her should would be wise to call inspection department and check tax records on the home to see it they show an 1900 square foot home…sure enough they said the basement is unfinished, no permits pulled.

This is a home with some serious upgrades…off the top of my head there will be about $100,000.00 worth of tear out and repairs needed.

Needless to say that fell through…agent was happy that I saved her butt on that one…they advised the listing company that it would be in their best interest to pull the listing or at least correct the square footage.