Unlisted with the BBB

If someone is certified with your organization, but not registered with the BBB, are they still just as reliable and capable of doing a home inspection?

Um yes. The bbb is nothing more than a marketing money grab. You pay them and they say you’re good, simple as that. Scam.

The BBB is a money grab just like this organization. Pay you dues and take a simple test to get certified to be reliable and capable of performing a home inspection.

JC nailed bbb

an inspector being reliable & capable would depend on the individual

fact is belonging to any association or having a special logo title guarantees neither

vet your inspector by requesting sample work product and verifiable references

price should be the last concern when choosing

Ask Wolfgang!

It appears that there was a motive for your posting here. You are welcome to use your real name here.

Anyone should be vetted that you do business with, no?