Unsecured PEX

How would you state the risks associated with unsecured PEX?


Just write it up as unsecured plumbing or unworkmanlike installation and move on.

Just like Mikey said

The manufacture of the water supply pipe system, installed within this/these structures, and the current building standards have specific methods of supporting and securing these materials. Be advised this was not accomplished at all necessary locations and shall be remedied prior to closing. Disregarding this information has the potential for fitting failure, leaks and flood damage.

You have been warned!

Thanks for the input.
While reviewing my photos I also realized that the PEX is exposed to direct sunlight where it is hanging down like that.

It definitely needs to be addressed!

That looks like fairly new construction. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it doesn’t appear that the connections to the posts are proper at the beam and pier.

Eureka (as with most of CA) falls under SDC D1 or D2, which requires restraints at the upper and lower connections, that will resist lateral displacement. Typically, these will be post-caps of some type.



Looks good from here, Deal Killer. :wink:

Check out page 11 of


[size=3]Horizontal runs should be supported every 32 inches.


The ground is supporting it just fine!:wink:

I guess they ended up with too much material in a few places and rather than re-terminate it they just left it like that.

Perhaps they were concerned about expansion / contraction? :roll: :wink: