Unsure about service voltage size

I have an inspection tommorrow at a 1950’s ranch style home that is now used as commercial ( day care, etc. ). I stopped by early today and was looking around and noticed the service entrance conductors just before the drip loops are spliced and instead of 3 conductors entering the weather head, 240 volt service, 6 conductors enter.
This is my first commercial inspection, I haven’t been inside yet to see service panel/s. Can anyone help me out on the voltage size of this service from the information here… 240…480 ? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I strongly suspect you will find not one, but two 120/240 volt panels somewhere in the building each being served by one set of conductors from the same service drop. Given the age of the building it is probably an ‘upgrade’ addition of a second panel, possibly done when the place was converted to present use. 480 volt service is extremely unlikely. You can probably get a good idea by looking at the pole-mounted transformer that feed the drop.

What it seems like from here…


IT could be parallel feeds to a 400 amp service or larger.
Need to get inside to be sure what you have.
Could be a 480 volt service also with a transformer supplying the 240 volt service in the building .
Be interesting to hear what you find .
Where all lines going in the building Black ?
where all the lines feeding the building insulated ?
( None bare ?)

Cookie, This looks like an ordinary 240 volt service, bare grounded conductor in the center with two ungrounded conductors wrapped around, then when they get to the drip loop there is a splice covered with tape on all 3 conductors. From the splice to the weather head there are 6 conductors that enter, each single sec have doubled and they are all black/insulated as they enter the weather head.

Then it sound like parallel feeders to me expect to find a large service or splitter in the building .
I am in Canada and some things are different.

… Cookie