Untreated wood in water is ok?

Hello! I recently did the Advanced Residential Code Inspection Practice Quiz through InterNACHI. Sometimes a question leaves me in disbelief. Like this one… “Untreated wood may be used________.” And the correct answer, “entirely below groundwater level, or continuously in fresh water”. The only reason I got it right was I kept retaking the quiz until it said correct! Is that really the correct answer? Input is appreciated!! Ron

If submerged in freshwater the oxygen levels are very low or none existent. This does not allow decay. Many ships, going back further than the days of Rome have been discovered and excavated in outstanding condition.

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Thanks for clearing up some of the mystery for me Bill! That makes sense about the lack of oxygen in the water, I never seem to be able to get much when I go swimming! ;o)

If fresh water had little to no dissolved oxygen, the fresh water fish, among others, would all be dead.

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