Unusual arrangement

Please see the photos attached. I have not come across this arrangement and a plumber friend of mine has also not seen it. A cold water loop taken from close to the main water supply is looped through the return plenum just before the furnace filter on a mid efficiency furnace. It looks like an ingenious way of providing cooler indoor air during our short summer months.
There is also a Nutech fan directing outside air into the return plenum.
Has anyone seen this before - any comments?

I saw about twenty years ago where they Ran the water from the well through a Car Rad with a fan then it went out too the ditch .
Did cool the room down some but sure used a lot of water .

Using water to air heat exchangers for cooling or heating is common in commercial applications, the water has to be heated or cooled somewhere, so it needs to be fed into a cooler or boiler, and circulated through it all with a pump. That inline fan is barely enough to for a bath exhaust, I see them used for fresh air make up, but it will not have much CFMs maybe 100? and not a lot of cooling if that is all there is moving the air. A water to air heat exchanger should use the main air handler, if it is a furnace that would be the furnace fan.

I was thinking this same thing. Saw it for heat though but same concept. Heated remotely then pumped thru similar to this.