Unusual Brick

5 year old brick veneer front. Any thoughts on the unusual brick facing? Some areas look like spalling issues, but no evidence of actual spalling.

morning dove 009.JPG

morning dove 008.JPG

morning dove 007.JPG

morning dove 006.JPG

morning dove 005.JPG

Made that way. I don’t see any problem whatsoever.


Seems like every third house around here has that type of brick veneer.

It’s ‘rustic’, doncha see…

By design.

Thanks to all for the input

Came off the truck that way. Not my personal liking, but somebody bought it.

These are common bark face brick.
I do not like the tuck myself.
They were pointed to early. Not when the masonry is THUMB TIGHT.
That is why there is oozing or a liquid look to the tuck.
The masonry should have been died red or okra even Brazilian brown.
It would leave a softer look to the bark face or physical dimensions.
Good brick. Never heard of recall.