Unusual devices.

Was wondering what these 2 devices would be for and how the worked/operated.

The temp gauge may be for the private water system or water heater. Not sure and why I was looking for answers from your intelligence.

Had no clue with the outlet type.

147409 A 009 (Small).jpg

147409 A 043 (Small).jpg

With a 130 limit I doubt it is for the Water heater.

Bet more like refrigeration for some reason

The temp gauge appears to have high and low limit alarm points with wiring terminals for the signal wires.

The wall jack looks like a leslie speaker cabinet connector for an organ.


Mike how do you always seem to come up with answers.

LOL Now the organ one threw me for a loop . How did Micheal come with that one. Just amazing on what you find isn’t it

He has one in his parlor.:slight_smile:

The leslie one easy for me.

I used to repair the organ at church until we bought a new one.

That was true at one time.:mrgreen:

Ok ok i will not go there lolol

Left hand device is a thermometer with mechanical contact set points, contacts are activating the wireless alarm transmitter below.

It looks to old to be wireless and the wires look similar to a phone pair but we are on the same page.:slight_smile:


Still made:


The wireless alarm transmitter is the lower box, looks like an Ademco.

I use the same setup to monitor individually heated rental units for furnace failures.

Cool. Thanks Mike.

The company where I once worked had a computer rooms that had various types of temp alarms and plotting devices similar to this. Is that a bell or buzzer below it? They are much more sophisticated now. Bet your home owner was a former IT guy that might have used his phone to listen in for the alarm similar to the way Mike monitors his rentals.