Unusual findings

We should start a post on unusual findings that you see almost every day but the always seem different.

Like built in garbage cans?

And it looks like they left the cable on the trusses when the lifted them in place.

Please add your unusual findings so maybe when I see it I will know what it is.


Now that’s upscale to the max. Wouldn’t want the neighborhood tourists to see those nasty ol’ trashcans. They might think that we are ordinary people who have, gasp, trash. :slight_smile:

Those are quite common around here on the older more expensive homes.


This tiny cottage contained 3 dogs and 12 cats. The crawlspace was like Wild Kingdom. Some highly unusual findings there. :wink:

DSCF0065 copy.JPG

Buried trashcans can be found with numerous older homes in Spring Hill, FL. There were still a lot of bears roaming around when the old geezers started the retirement settlement up there. Still lots of critters still roaming though Spring Hill is in the middle of a population explosion right now.