Unusual Front Door Lock System.

I was surprised by an unusual front door lock. A barrel bolt lock through bolted and attached to an automotive actuator with a remote. It actually worked well but wouldn’t want to try to get out in a hurry. Always see something new in this job.

Door locking system not approved .
I would write this up as a hazard in case of fire Delay opening could cost some one their life .

Only one question needs to be asked. Can you open the lock from the inside without any tools, keys or other tools? If you can slide the hasp out by hand, there is no issue. In that case it is no different than a regular hasp.

drug dealers? lol

Not only did i write it as a hazard I informed the tenant, buyer and selling agent on the spot. This was just one of those things you see that you can’t believe.

Thanks for the upgrade … Roy