Unusual Plumbing fixture

Every once in a while you come across some oddities when inspecting homes. I thought I would share this one here. The picture is of a “Electro Sink Center” made by Electro Way Corp.

I am sure the new home owners will be thrilled that they can blend margaritas, and mix cake batter all at the same time that they are washing dishes. :smiley:

Found a link to some other interesting information on this odd device. http://www.gregssandbox.com/electroway/index.htm



Nice one Harold,

I love that old strange stuff, it was GFCI protected wasn’t it ?? LOL



very nice

wow, that thing is cool. ill take it!!

A must have for RR :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the same! :margarit: :margarit:

However, I think that product didn’t last because of the need to make margarita’s in more than one location - portability is key!

Should have an automatic ice dispenser. Maybe that’s why we don’t see any around.

Very interesting.

I’ve worked on many of the old Dishmaster faucets but never seen one like that.
Funny, I just threw away a new dishmaster brush two days ago, cleaning out some old stuff.