Unusual Things I have found

This service is Pyrotenax July 30 2004 ,The only one I have seen.
I put in many miles of Pyro starting about 1956 .


Pyrotenax 009.jpg

Pyrotenax 009.jpg

Pyrotenax 008.jpg

Its a good idea for drapes to stop 2 inches from the ceiling and 4 inches from the floor It allows air to keep the windows from getting too wet .
Every window frame in this home had serious rot 7 year old home



They sometimes fix a fogged window by drilling a hole top and bottom Do not miss this .
If you see holes in siding it is a good chance it has UFFI ’


Remember write hard talk soft miss nothing … Roy

Window hole 015.jpg

Door opens to a 8 ft drop .
Window removed are fixed with painted 2*4 and latex caulk.

Aug 25 04 004.jpg


I especially like the brick cover up…who thinks of things like that and why??? thanks for sharing Roy!

Glad to show here is a couple more .
A 4 gauge punt gun in a home we inspected for the owner ,Picture with his permission and No I will not tell you where . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kdG2dwNb60&feature=related This gives you some idea how they could shoot 100 ducks at once in the late 1800s

This is a reverse truss only one I have ever seen. Very large old Living room still has some sag in the ceiling apparently this removed about 7 inches of sag.
Yes I wrote up the Vermiculite.
The white rafters where originally used as a form for the poured basement they are white from the cement from about 90 years ago .

My understanding regarding the window repair is that the one-way valve lets the moisture escape and leaves the window clear again. But there may be a reduced insulation factor from the original.

As to UFFI
The CMHC article says UFFI would not longer be a problem unless it got wet, but the same goes foy any type of insulation.

Just my.02


I had it put in my home and it was a good insulation .
Unfortunately , I turned down an offer on the Place of $225,000;00 before the uffi scare and ended up selling it 2 years later for $50,000.00 .
Yes that is what CMHC says but most agents will tell you how UFFI scares buyers BIG time .
I say do not miss it on your report .
The two way valves fall off and ants bugs ect can get in the window . The insulation value is not a lot different I understand .
My posting these pictures is to help all see what is out there .
Many have not seen some of things.

Here’s how the punt gun worked. The boat itself was called a punt, hence the name.


Thanks for the pictures, Roy.

Aside from the “showing the new guys” angle, I find this stuff fascinating. There’s also some inspectors doing a “picture of the day” showing the stuff they find.

More! More!

I had never seen this type of a foundation 60 + year old Cottage with mortared log foundation about 20 feet from the river and 5 feet above the river .
Dry in Crawl space looked like it had never been damp . Great little place .

Second set of Pictures was In a home with many college students .
The land lord had used the controls from a clothes washer to control the water temp to about 100°f in the shower .
The switch was about 12 from the shower . This was an accident waiting to happen .

Copy of 100.jpg

Sounds like it may be in a flood plain. Better put a little comment about that to CYA.

Not sure I would have called that out. What’s the difference between that situation and getting out of the tub with wet feet and walking to the switch 3’ away? Here’s the code and commentary (which supports your decision).

2009 IRC E4001.7 Damp or wet locations. A surface mounted switch or
circuit breaker located in a damp or wet location or outside of a
building shall be enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure or cabinet.
A flush-mounted switch or circuit breaker in a damp or wet
location shall be equipped with a weatherproof cover. Switches
shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces
unless installed as part of a listed tub or shower assembly.
Commentary: *There is no exception to the rule that a common light
switch wired to control a fan, lighting outlet, or other
load cannot be installed in the bathtub or shower
space; however, the code does not provide an exact
definition or dimension of tub or shower space. It
would be wise to locate the switch out of the reach of
someone in the tub or shower, even though this is not
stated in the code.

Sorry I will always call this out being able to stand in the running shower and turn of a switch could get exciting as well as the complete system is wrong .

in Canada -
switch cannot be within 1 metre (39") of tub/shower surround.
Receptacles are the same, except where the room is so small 1 metre is impossible, in which no less than 50cm (19") is allowed.


This one of three I have found on Inspection Carpet in Garage .
This gentleman never took his car out if it was going to rain . If it rained when he was out the car sat out side till he got it dried.

This person was told all Portable Generators should be grounded sort of unusual grounding .

Portable generator so why not a bucket of portable ground? Sounds reasonable.


This type of construction ia known as “cordwood”. Whole homes have been built this way by owner/builders using “sweat equity”.




And must be protected by a Class A GFCI device!


And we think we are becoming smarter----maybe only some of us!