Unvented Overhead garage heaters

Would anyone call out 2-unvented overhead heaters in garage?


Not if the garage is vented. . .

This a four car garage, if the doors are not open the area is sealed. I think this owner could possibly become sick on CO, while he is working on his 63 VETTE or the 32 Chrysler. I told them to keep area ventilated went working in the garage.

Most modern garages have ventilation ports. Is this not the case here? If not, I would note that there are fuel burning appliances in an unvented garage, which is a potential safety hazard.

I did. Thanks!

I Have never seen anything like that in a garage before Buck.

I would be a little curious about the clearances to the units myself.
I bet they get hot.

See here for details of this or a very similar heater and here for certain state restrictions. Clearances are shown as well.

Clearances to combustable items:above: 14"
side: 12"
below: 48"

Infrared Heaters are a smart choice for heating a space as you have described. You don’t usually see them in a residential settings because they aren’t cheap.
They do need adequate combustion air, but in most settings like a garage, even typical construction crackage/leakage is usually adequate for these efficient operating unit(s). Your pics do make me think there may be a clearance problem, if I’m looking at them right.
I have installed them in commercial settings in the past, like Garages, Outside covered pavillions, roller skating rinks, etc. Very efficient operation.