Up-Flow Toilet help

Any advice on how to write this contraption up. It flushed, took about 3-4 minutes to stop.
I have never run into one of these and do not know of what probelms they typically have.

This toilet needs to be upgraded. It needs a sewage ejector.

Toilet appears to have been installed on the wrong floor of the home in question…blah blah blah.

Sorry can’t help more, only seen one of these…and it wasn’t on an inspection…

I’ll wait to see what answers you get, then steal them :wink:

That’s funny.
Ugrade is an under statement, call a plumber.

Looks like DIY, could only salvage the valve and not the storage tank. ha. ha.


Vent is to small and fitting on the vent line is backwards.

Seeing the 2" water supply pipe, you would think that the supply could have been increased, but on the other hand, you don’t see 2" cold water supplies to often in a house, so that might be page 2. ha. ha.

Was this connect to the four inch waste to the right?
Who knows right.

That is a good one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I told buyer to remove the outdated, incomplete, sewage sucker! Did not want to spend too much time reporting this condition.
The buyer, friend of a good friend, said she would have someone come and remove it.
Everyone laughed about it.

Thank you for your responses.

Totals looks like a DIY, also looks like the floor next to the toilet is wet, definitely a substandard installation, recommend evaluation by a licensed, qualified and insured plumber.