Upcoming IAQ courses in Canada.

April 10 Last day for regular registration fee!

I wanted to check back with you and remind you that this is the last week (deadline is April 10) to take advantage of the regular registration fees for courses in the IAQ Resources Canada upcoming IAQ and Housing Durability Series (summary below) in:

o Ottawa 19-21 April, 2006 o Markham 25-27 April 2006

After 10 April, the last minute rate will apply.

Help with your choices?: If you’d like some help in choosing the courses that are best for you, click on this link to download a short questionnaire http://www.iaqresourcescanada.com/training/Chooseshort.pdf or call our toll free number, 800 785-4110

Register: You can register online in our secure area at (https://media5.magma.ca/www.iaqresourcescanada.com/cgi-bin/store/commerce.cgi?product=Training&cart_id=1134678056.6152 ), by phone or click on the link below to download a faxable registration form showing pricing and locations for Ottawa and Markham:
http://www.iaqresourcescanada.com/training/Ottawa_MarkhamALLreg.pdf .

What others say about our courses: Here are some comments from attendees at previous courses. For more comments, click on http://www.iaqresourcescanada.com/training/quotes.html

o “Great day! Thank you.” Garry Lowney, Home Comfort Inspections/EnerGuide for Houses
o “I enjoyed this course very much and when I get a chance to digest it all, I know that I will feel more comfortable talking to my clients about IAQ. Thank you so much.” Michael Knight, FairView Building Inspections
o “Subject material brought to light things as renovators we should be aware of that we always don’t think of the seriousness, i.e., bathroom renovation with moderate mold, usually containment was never a thought.” Peter Briand, Econo Renovations
o “Bill did a wonderful presentation. The knowledge I can use for self protection and homeowner protection [which] will now be put into place by me.”* Gary Brayshaw, John Newman Contracting
o “Course was very well presented and I would recommend trainer and course to anyone in building trades and inspections.” Kevin McGuire, AmeriSpec
o “I was very impressed with the information and delivery. It is all very relevant to our organization and will undoubtedly be used in the future.” Mary-Lynn Huff, Ongwanada
o “Very informative. Great resource kit filled with a wealth of information. Highly recommended.” John Peters, At Home Building Inspection Services
o “Very informative course with lots of helpful information. Great presentation. Will definitely be in touch.” Steve Kerton, Georgian College
o “Highly recommend to all in housing industry.” Jon Vink, Manus Management & JSVinc Consulting*
o “Procedures, forms, general information.”* Mike Shantz, Talon Environmental

***Brief Summary of Courses
**Resolving IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns: The Essentials looks at causes of and solutions for indoor air quality and housing durability concerns. Visual case studies are used to explain basic building science (how a house “works” as a system), pollutant sources (e.g., building materials, house operation issues, mechanical system deficiencies), health issues, moisture, mold and other biological or chemical problems. This course will benefit anyone who wants to build their practical skills in recognizing causes and developing solutions for IAQ and housing durability concerns. More details:

Investigating IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns:* An Efficient Method* demonstrates practical tools, techniques and checklists to perform a simplified, systematic, building science-based investigation to identify IAQ and housing durability concerns. Through visual case studies and small group sessions, participants will learn how to conduct a brief, effective investigation, consider their observations and create an action plan for the client. This course will benefit anyone who wants to increase their investigative and decision-making skills related to IAQ and housing durability concerns. Resolving IAQ and Housing Durability Concerns: The Essentials is recommended as a pre-requisite, but not required. More details http://www.iaqresourcescanada.com/training/InvestigatingON06.pdf

Mold Assessment and Clean-Up: Residential, The Essentials focusses on breaking down the process of assessing and cleaning up residential mold contamination into 13 manageable tasks. Real life situations are simulated in the classroom with numerous visual case studies. Learners use the case studies to develop their decision-making skills related to each of the 13 tasks. More details http://www.iaqresourcescanada.com/training/MoldcourseON06.pdf

We invite you to visit our Web site at http://www.iaqresourcescanada.com to learn more details about our courses and our company. We look forward to hearing from you! See you at the session!

Julie Levi and Bill Boles, IAQRC partners

Nick, I was under the impression that ProLab was coming to Toronto soon and that they were also going to provide training etc…