Upcoming InterNACHI Convention

Did Nick teach a marketing class last year? If not, Nick is the marketing guru to teach the class, in my opinion.

Maybe he can come down…hopefully he will…who knows! Just hope he doesn’t kiss me again!

Maybe Nick can get Dr. Shane to come down and teach a class. He mentored my Industrial Hygenist some.

I’ll be there.

Pool inspections

Larry l is on tap for a pool class
And I hear there is a preety good inspection company on the west coast that may do something with mold:D

There is a very good special going on right now for a week stay at Double Tree in Orlando for $199. Is there more than one Double Tree in Orlando? Any input from somebody down in that area would be appreciated.
Looks like business is not going to slow down, so I am planning on just shutting things down for a week in August. I need a vacation.

Make sure the Double Tree is located on International Drive. I think the 10,000 block. We stay at the hotel when we go to Seaworld. The hotel is located on the oppsite side of the Beeline ( SR528 ) from the convention center. Easy to walk or drive to convention center. Be sure to ask about parking. Last time we paid a parking fee for the hotel.

But a great location…

This one is on Major Drive. It is across from Universal Studios. About 2-4 miles from the convention center. Are we talking about the same one?

Inspecting trailers and manufactured homes.

I think Dan Bowers taught a course on manufactured homes for NACHI when Gerry Beaumont could not make it one time. Maybe somebody can ask him that is running the convention.
The dock and the pool inspection classes is the main reason I am wanting to go.

I would be willing to teach a course or two. No charge and I take care of my own plane and hotel. Let me know. I have many topics related to building science, thermal imaging and masonry problems.

Hope this helps;

Help? Are you serious? Who doesn’t want to take a class from the Orange giant?

This is the national convention, isn’t it?

Call or e-mail me (web site is DeckerHomeServices.com, for contact info) and we can talk.

Again, glad to be of help.

PS. I am also a pretty good bouncer :mrgreen:

You have to check your slippers at the door:D

Here is a good deal on hotel rooms in Orlando, 5 days, 4 nights. Comes with a free trip to Cancun. I am ordering it now. It is only $200.00. See you guys at the convention.


Here is the same hotel deal at Orlando without the trip to Mexico for only $99.00.