Upcoming NACHI. TV show on Thermal Imaging

Hi guys-

We just finished an exciting promo for Thermetrics IR. These guys are on the cutting edge of Thermal Imaging, and they’re going to share this amazing info with you!

Stay tuned!


Good timing. I’m almost at the point of purchasing my camera and I’d always like to see additional info. regarding Thermal Imaging.

Thank you.

Up, up and away !!!

Hi David-

You should definitely check this program out. These guys are working on a way to take the up front cost and confusion out of the training and initial set up involved with adding thermal imaging to your services…They have a great business plan. Stay tuned for the show…


I’m very much looking forward to it. This will be one video that I consider to be very important for my next business investment. I’m so very close to purchasing a Thermal Imaging camera, maybe this video will make me purchase even sooner.

Please let us know when it’s finalized.

Any idea on the time frame? . . . few days . . . couple of weeks . . . looking forward to the information, and THANKS!