Upcoming Radon audit

I have my first PA DEP Radon audit scheduled for this Tuesday, although I informed the DEP rep that I have not performed a fee paid radon test yet, he replied that this would be more of a courtesy inspection due to me being new in this field.
My question to those of you that are experienced, is this normal? what should I expect? how should I prepare for it?

Thanks in advance,

DEP audits are not a problem if you are prepared.

Have copies of your documentation readily available for review and answer questions truthfully.

I have been audited several times without a problem or circumstance.

Have a plan to show how you assess your QA samples (Spikes, Blanks, Dups, Routine Instrument Checks, Backgrounds & Calibrations) or at least plan to perform AND ASSESS your QC samples. If you do not have a plan and don’ t really care, just surrender your license and do mold. PA DEP will look for proof that you care, and if you just push a button and hope for the printer to have ink, then you’ll not have fun. In other words, having electricity doesn’t guarentee the right number. Good luck!

Shawn Price