*UPDATE* for October 22&23 meeting in Melbourne

Our meeting in Melbourne is coming together to be a Great Event!
Just to give you all some updates:

Zoe and Wayne will be joining us to share their thoughts with the group. This is going to be a tremendous opportunity for all of us to share & network with inspectors from all over the State of Florida.

So far we have about 40 inspectors registered. If you are attending, please make sure to fill out the registration form either attached to this post or through the Chapter website. It looks like Jason’s Deli will be catering and we would hate to not have enough food!

Thank you all so much please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We are looking forward to meeting all of you in person!

Michelle for John Shishilla
Honor Construction

To clarify: Wayne Bersch is the President of the Florida Home Inspection Council. He was the one who was instrumental in getting Home Inspectors approved for the Wind Mitigation inspections.

Where is this council? What are they working on? Who appointed them? Who do the represent? What is Waynes back ground, from which organization. Is he or was he ever a home inspector? Who else is on the council? How did he get his job?

So I have a president of an organziation that I just found about that represents me and I know nothing about the guy. NICE…

OMG Russel Please for the love of all things good in the world and my flippin sanity PLEASE give it a REST!!! You have stated your point, lets talk about it at the meeting.
With Love,

I will let it go Ken…But have you seen a viable answer? So when a question is asked it should just be left without being answered and I have to deal with that? I will take you word Ken that those few questions will be answered at the meeting and I will let that portion go. Deal.

I am with you, Things dont move forward without looking at all the sides and possibilities. We need these questions asked and answered if they will benefit us all. and I do appreciate your points.

Since you are a Building Contractor (if the licensies I pulled perviously were actually YOU )- I really do not understand your consistant concern about Home Inspections - or their regulations. You are already licnesed and able to do much more than and way beyond what the Home Inspections license allows.

It’s obvious that Russel missed out on some important information a the time it was diseminated, he’s just trying to catch up. I commend him for that. I’ve learned some back round I didn’t know from others answering him, but I agree with Ken let’s let it rest till next Sat.

I think that Russell Hensel is a want to be Attorney and a frustrated contractor with a chip in his shoulder because there are many Home Inspectors in our state doing great and making more mojo \:D/than the non-working contractors:roll:.

Whining and whining will not get you anywhere…today I have two inspections over $950.00+. How many inspections you have today Russell, (zero):roll: How many inspections have you done this week???:roll: How many houses have you built this years?:roll: Or are you in the repair business.:shock:

LMAO…Let me see. I AM NOT A LICENSED contractor and I HAVE never been a licensed contractor, IN MY LIFE! Well apparently people believe LIES that are spread without regard to ANY truth. I have never CONSTRUCTED anything for a fee for ANY customer.

This is what I mean about talking about SPINNING things. She says it and you all fall for it hook, line and sinker.

As far as how many Home Inspections I have today…if your talking about Saturday. Your correct I have zero today. Thats because me and my 4 full time home inspectors completed the inspections Mon-Fri. We completed 21 inspections last week which actually was a slow week for us. You are more than welcome to come down and check out our operation. If you want to see the way we operate, please go tot the website www.bestinspector.com. I actually have a couple of inspection vehicles that are different and very productive. You can come to my business and see how we operate and I can then come to yours. Would be rather neat to see the way other professionals work.

John a man a smart as you with all the degrees, I would have thought you would have checked facts before commenting…

That 2nd generation mobile office is awesome, so is the first.

Thanks…the third generation is going to be a helicopter! :slight_smile:

Very impressive operation! All legitimate questions as well. One solution would be to put some of the information and possibly the guest / principle speakers’ and players bios or their curriculum vitae on the FLNachi website so folks around the State who are willing to make the trek down to Melbourne would get some front loading on what to expect as well as who was going to be doing the presentations as well as the agenda. Most of us have never heard of some of these people and that may help eliminate some if not most of the concerns. I am not a member of FLNachi, but just some suggestions.

Doug…good point. I have no control over Florida NACHI and am not even a member. That would be ZOE. If given the privilege if John sees fit to do so, I would love to address the members and express some of the concerns that I have. Friday is all about wind mit and the John Shishill and Dennis Bonner are some super stud wind MIT guys and have a ton of info, forms and answers to some of the questions people may have concerning wind MIT’s.

Saturday as far as I know will be about making the Home Inspection industry in Florida better. I talked with john and I think its going to be open forum see whats on peoples mind, how to address it, what to do in the near future.

I personally think both days will be super productive and informative. I heard Zoe will be there which is awesome given her husbands not so great health and her busy schedule it is nice of her to take the time out and come.

I cannot help you on the FL NACHI website, but it sounds like a great idea.

I realized after posting, that the two topics (organizations) are cat and dog. Two different meetings/outfits. I would love to be in Melbourne but not possible at this time. I too think some great information will come out of it. Frankly, any big major meetings like these should be front loaded with a lot of information about the principles so people planning on attending will know early on who, what, when and how is going to happen. I realize this one came up fast and got put together by the ones who have the lead on it. I used to put together and host big whoop-de-do seminars and training evolutions in the Navy in another life and had to start months in advance to choreograph so it would not turn into a cluster from start to finish. It isn’t easy and not always a lot of fun. Like herding cats. Hope everyone has a good time and get a lot done / success.

Doug I will keep you up to date as much as possbile. I have an ipad and can make a post on this website almost like a tweet. Kinda play by play and others can chime in. Keep each andevery member informed is one key role in the making of an outstanding organization.

How about video taping for those of us that can’t make it?

That sounds great, thanks.

Dont worry, this meeting is just stirring the pot a little and bigger things will come out of it, like the next meeting… will have more notice, be more centralized, and everyone will get ample notice.

I figured that was the case. Longest journey starts with the first step. Find out what the goals are and establish what it is the organization is going to be and look like, otherwise it can run off in many directions, none of which accomplish what you want it to. Been to many of those kinds of meetings and they usually turn into urination jousts and attracts those who have their own agendas. Personalities are always going to be factor and has to be guarded against. Everyone needs to leave their egos at the door. I hope you guys have a successful meeting.