Update From Today

It appears that they are reconsidering giving more time to people to meet the new requirements. I found this on the Florida Senate web site today.

468.8324 Grandfather clause.–A person who
19 performs home inspection services as defined in this part may
20 qualify to be licensed by the department as a home inspector
21 if the person meets the licensure requirements of this part by
22 July 1, 2010.

I hear that there may be more changes. I was hoping for something different, but maybe they will remove the three years thing and require all to meet the requirements by this new date. Anyone hear anything about what else they are looking into modifying?

Good my Granny & the kid selling kool-aid up the street now qualifies. :mrgreen:

Well the bill was intended to protect the people. It now makes sure everyone that is able to pass a test will be a home inspector. Granny get to work to pay for those nursing home bills!


I received a call from Steven Richardson at Senator Wise’s office this morning. More changes are being discussed today. Right now it sounds like they are removing the grandfather clause and requiring all to meet the qualifications by July, 2010. I am not 100% certain that is what they will end up with but Mr. Richardson said it was being discussed. As far as the bill goes, it does not really serve the intended purpose of protecting the public even if they remove the grandfather. Hopefully it will be vetoed if it makes it that far. All indications are that they seem hell bent on passing the bill and the concerns of protecting the public are bogus. Mr. Richardson does not agree. He feels the bill is needed. Is it possible that these politicians really do not understand the industry and believe that just because they pass a bill, any bill that it will reflect positively on them? I hope it falls flat but worst case if it passes is no one business will be required to do something others won’t be required to do.

Good, the people that have pushed for this Bill and insist on Gov regulation of our industry should have to meet the requirements that they tried to push onto others, instead of excusing themselves with a grandfather clause. How can allowing thousands of home inspectors to get a free pass without meeting any requirements protect the consumers?

Thought I would share an email.


We should set something up just like their letter.

That is a pretty impressive letter, could someone who is a good letter writer put one together for NACHI the largest inspection organization in Fl. It’s too bad a small amount of people will probably get this passed.:frowning:

Tell me if you like this.


Outstanding my friend

I gave you a greenie for that letter Joe

Nice letter Joe. Can anyone set it up like FABI did? Lets send as many as we can, we dont have much time.

Great letter Joe:)

Absolutely tremendous letter. Not only is it well written, it is also the truth. NAHI’s letter is a nice attempt to fool someone that they obviously feel is an idiot. Your letter spells out the real problem with this legislation very well and should be sent as often as possible by all NACHI members and their contacts. I have been dying to see this 800 pound guerrilla in action. Bring it boys!!

We need to set Joe’s letter up the same way NAHI and FABI did theirs. That will make it easy for everyone to send it and send it and send it:)