Update: My daughter at the U.S. Naval Academy

Well, it finally happened.

My little girl has found a man (and G-d save and protect him). :mrgreen:

Elizabeth has a boyfriend, a “firstie” (i.e., a senior, graduates next year, Electrical Engineering major and he plans to be a NFO (Naval Flight Officer, the “back seat” guy who runs all the cool electronics and such).

But, as a dutiful Father, concerned about his Daughter’s welfare (and knowing how male sailors are) I have unearthed secret video of their first coming together (No, not that way :wink: ).

This video documents their first “coming together”, the first moment that this fine young man found the way to my Daughter’s heart.

Really sincere and precious, really.

My little girl, and tha man wh found the way ro her true heart and soul.

Way to get to Daddy’s heart too by blocking open the door…:wink:

At least you know the boy isn’t stupid.

No, that’s the rule up there. Anytime someone (male or female) is in the room who doesn’t live there, the door must be kept open.