update on home inspector licensing

Senator Stephen Wise has amended the current House Bill 713 that will effectively remove the language that has been inserted by Representative Ritch Workman that protects the ability of Division 1 contractors to perform home inspections and mold assessment/remediation combined services. But, now Wise has dropped the language.

Now, the Bill will go before the DBPR minus Wise’s language.

So now “Division 1 contractors to perform home inspections and mold assessment/remediation combined services” will be in it and we will be able to perform those services?

As long as the DBPR adopts the bill as is, it looks good

Thanks for the info. I know I may seem ignorant but does that mean a G.C. will not need a separate license to do Home Inspections and Mold Inspections?


DBPR rule making takes place on May 5th

Damn I am going to send that guy a big fat campaign contribution. Thanks for the awesome information please let us know if that changes. I need one of those smileys that does a happy dance. can the rule making on may 5th chang any of that?

Will do

Meeker, you are a funny dude!

:twisted: Woo hooo. I’ve been in a pretty bitter mood and this has cheered me up a bit.

After all the changes in the seperate bills are worked out, doesn’t the govenor still need to sign it into law?

This is going around the contractor circles


Thanks to your efforts, Senator Wise Withdrew his amendments to HB 713 & the Bill should become law sometime today. Pat yourselves on the back! The next email campaign will be before the DBPR Rulemaking Committee meeting on May 5th. We will keep you posted with any further developments.*

It appears the contractors believe they are better organized

John this is not refering to your comment:

I do not care or feel it is me against the Hi’s I consider myself a Hi’s and am glad the state seems to be doings something to bennifet me for a change. I do not wish to have to get 2 other seperate licenses to do what I am already doing and it sucks that so many of you want me to get screwed just because I am a contractor. Can’t anyone just feel good that someone else is getting a break? Ha Ha like anyone gives a sh-t about anyone else here, I have never been around a more self centered bunch of crybabies in all my life.

For the first time in a long time I am am not going to sleep pissed that the State is going to totally screw me. Now if they would only get their collective heads out of their as-es and not let 10,000 more people do Wind Mitigation Inspections we would all be all right. We can all make money how the Wind Mits are now if it changes we are all screwed. Guaranteed they will be going for $19.99 if it happens.

Follow this link to see how I really feel: :mrgreen:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W3ZXQqJWH8

mike, get a life, you have been the biggest cry baby on here since you joined, but now that you think you are going to get a free pass all is good in your world. And no, I did not correct the spelling in your quote above.:smiley:
you remind me of that one little gnat at last summers picnic, not a big problem, just an annoyance.

Follow this link to see how I really feel: :mrgreen:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W3ZXQqJWH8

Hey Mike, If your such a good contractor and home inspector, how do you find so much time to post on this site?
I’d think you’d be working instead of being glued to the computer.

TImes are slow and I have many windows open on my computer at once. I have been doing a lot of G.C. continuing education and at the same time a lot of InterNachi courses. Just because I have time to keep up on posts here does not mean I am not being productive. Yesterday 6 inspections today none yet. :mrgreen: