update on home inspector licensing

Sorry, there will be no verbals even for free, stop asking stupid questions about these legislations and READ them. I have deliberately stayed out of this thread because there are no answers until DBPR hashes through the bills passed by the legislature. We have been outgunned (HI’s) by lobbyists and campaign contributions from those with more money. DBPR will have the final say in writing a COE or possibly adopting one that is established will make the point mute regarding the senate bill. Hopefully, something will make some sense somewhere later down the line but I wouldn’t count on it.

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DBPR has the rule making authority. Special interests will attempt to muddy the waters.

Private education providers will attempt to corner the market. INACHI has been recognized as an education provider. Online education is the key.

One thing is for sure. We have more than a few legimate HI associations with established SOP/COE.

DBPR needs to recognize all of the legit associations and allow the HI to choose which one of them to adopt as the rules the HI wishes to follow. The consumer will then have choices. Associations will have more credibility. Anything less than that will hurt our industry and the consumer. If the associations attempt to say their SOP/COE is better than everyone elses and the DBPR should make theirs the one and only, we all lose.

DBPR sets minimum standards. Licensing sets minimum standards.

There is no doubt very little difference in the SOP of most Florida HI Assoc.
This would be a good time for the assoc. to hammer out the differences in SOP and show a unified SOP and direction of the industry.

Cooperation among HI Associations, now there is a novel concept. While we have all been in-fighting and comparing the size of our … others have stepped in and stolen the show. When the dust settles there will those who will say “What just happened?”

With regard to grandfathering, as I read HB 663: The requirement is for a proctored exam, OR 3 years of experience with 120 home inspections submitted as proof.

Will NACHI be offering a proctored exam? If not, how do you supposed they would want me to submit 2500+ pages of home inspection reports. It will be interesting when the DBPR starts receiving applications in boxes!

Plan on shipping a case of inspections from over ten years ago. What they do with them is their problem once I get them out of storage they are no longer mine. They did not say the reports had to be recent or for that matter any dates at all. I was wanting to get rid of them anyway. If everyone does that they might put a little more time and thought into arbitrary administrative requirements. I would have thought a signed affidavit would have been sufficient. BTW, I read it the grandfathering clauses the same way you do. OR

Will only full home inspections count towards the 120 experience or will 4 points and other insurance inspections be counted also?

Yes, only full home inspections. Four points, roofing inspections, etc. are insurance inspections. Not even the same thing.

" Senator Wise Withdrew his amendments to HB 713 & the Bill should become law sometime today."

What were those amendments? What will be the details of the final bill?

The inspection of ANY componante for a fee… no mention of purpose appears in any bill.

This will be addressed at the meeting Wednessday.

Thats why Contractors performing inspections is so gray…there is nothing to define " find what needs fixed and quote a job " vs - " I would like your opinion".

Bottom Line - if you have to be a licesned Home Inspector to perform the Four Point then Four Point inspections should qualify towards the count.
I’ve seen some Full home inspection reports that didn’t have 1/2 of the actual structural or component information a Four Point includes.

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The inspection of ANY componante for a fee… no mention of purpose appears in any bill.

That will be great then the insurance inspections I have been doing should qualify me to be grandfathered in. :mrgreen:

Senator Stephen Wise has amended the current House Bill 713 that will effectively remove the language that has been inserted by Representative Ritch Workman that protects the ability of Division 1 contractors to perform home inspections and mold assessment/remediation combined services. But, now Wise has dropped the language.

Now, the Bill will go before the DBPR minus Wise’s language.

So now “Division 1 contractors to perform home inspections and mold assessment/remediation combined services” will be in it and we will be able to perform those services?

As long as the DBPR adopts the bill as is, it looks good

Thanks for the info. I know I may seem ignorant but does that mean a G.C. will not need a separate license to do Home Inspections and Mold Inspections?


DBPR rule making takes place on May 5th

Damn I am going to send that guy a big fat campaign contribution. Thanks for the awesome information please let us know if that changes. I need one of those smileys that does a happy dance. can the rule making on may 5th chang any of that?