Update on Nominations for Awards

As requested by one of our Members;

Below are current nominations and/or winners in each category:

**Web site of the Month: ****January: **www.richnspect.com](http://www.richnspect.com/)

February: http://www.presidentialinspection.com](http://www.presidentialinspection.com/)

**March: **www.sherlockhomes-web.com](http://www.sherlockhomes-web.com/)


Chapter Recognition Program February

Nominee: The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of InterNACHI

Nominee Contact: Scott Gilligan

Email: greaterphiladelphianachi@comcast.net

Telephone: 215-888-4943

March Nominee:

InterNachiOhio Chapter

Nominee Contact Information: Mark H Roe

Email besurehomeinspectionservice@gmail.com

Telephone: 614-559-4655

Other: Cell: 740-503-8819

Member of the Year Nominations:

Canadian Member of the Year

William R. DeVries
NACHI 07040201

Vernon Mitchinson CET CMI
iNACHI member ID: NACHI04111681

U.S. Member of the Year Award

[enter nominees here]

InterNACHI Member of the YEAR/Gromicko Award

[enter nominees here]

Inventions and Innovations: [enter nominees here]

As you all can see, we have vacancies. Maybe this will help some to start Nominating. Remember to check it out in our chapter, access is in my signature.

Marcel :smile: :grin: