Update on the Gerry Beaumont Award

I would like to take this moment to congratulate this years recipients for the Gerry Beaumont Award.

Bruce Harmes
Larry D. Kage
**Marc-Andre Beauchemin **
Jerry Suarez
**Steve Wessler **
**Jim Keilson **
Buck Hartley
**William Warner **
If anyone is interested on how to achieve this Award, check here;

While on the site, check out all the other Awards and Nominations.

I would also like to express my Congratulations to Buck Hartley for Achieveing the Gerry Beaumont Award 2 years in a row.

Again, Congratulations to all that received the Certificate Award in Gerry Beaumont’s Memory. He would be excited to see such achievement. :slight_smile:

Well done Guys, And Thank you Marcel for updating us.

Congrats to Buck Hartly for being the first 2 Time recipient of this award!!!

Keep on keepin’ on Buck!