Update to the Owens Corning Roof Program

Looking forward to adding this to my portfolio.

Starting course and looking forward to adding this to my list

I am just finding out about this program, is it available in Arkansas. I did not see this state on the list.?

Just starting the course!

Just starting this course. Hope it is still up and running.

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Hi, David. It sure is. If you need any assistance, be sure to reach out to Jazmin. She’s your main program contact. It’s Jazmin@internachi.org.

And for those of you who may be interested in the free program to create jobs for inspectors, visit https://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm

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The Roof Data Technician program is a fantastic program where you can observe different types of roof coverings and defects. You will get hands on experience by visiting the different roofs and being able to observe them in person. This program is also a great way to earn extra money by completing the jobs. I have been studying full time to become a licensed inspector in Illinois and this program is great because it gives me the opportunity to view different roofs and what possible defects to look for on a roof. You visit different homes all over your area and take pictures of all the roof surfaces. You then take close up pictures of the "affected areas’. Then you carefully extract 2 shingles from the roof and replace them with 2 new ones. Make sure to take your time while extracting and everything will go smooth and great. If anyone every has any issues, Jazmine at InterNACHI is a great to contact for assistance. I hope more of you young inspectors can take advantage of this great program. This program has definitely helped me by showing me what to look for as far as roof covering material (asphalt) defects and affected areas of roofs. Pass the classes necessary to participate in this program and contact Jazmine to get the ball rolling. I think this is a great program and I’ve had a nothing but a great experience thus far the past 4 months. Thank you InterNachi for having this type of program available to your members. Remember that safety is #1 so if the roof is too steep, don’t chance it.


@aparrilli Thank you for the detailed and helpful info. I just completed all of my requirements and received my cert as well. Approximately how many projects are you assigned each month? How big of a service area do you cover?
Thanks in advance for the reply -

For the record - I am finished with training and sent an email to Jazmine for confirmation. Excited for the opportunity. Thanks Ben. @bgromicko1
Anyone else in NC have any experiences with this program?

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Thank you, Randy and everyone. If there’s anything you need, jazmin@internachi.org will be your main contact.

I had 0 calls this summer. My experience so far.

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Hey Randy. I avg 1 a week, sometimes 2. That’s in my area. I’m in Chicago. It might be different in your area, check with Jazmine. I cover 75 miles approx. Are you looking to become a home inspector? What state are you in?

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What is your inspection area Jacob?

Anthony, I am in NC. I am an active licensed Home Inspector.

Nice! I should be licensed here shortly. Within a month at most. How long have you been licensed for?

Alaska, preferably south central Alaska.

Been performing inspections for over 9 years (electrical swgr and power distribution equipment) I received my state license in October.

Nice! Congrats on getting licensed! I hope you have great success in the home inspection business.

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Just finished the coarse!!!

Same here. is there much work going on with this?