Updated General Release for inspectors' clients to sign

In response to inspectors who are concerned that an unhappy former client may disparage them or their services online, we’ve updated our General Release, per InterNACHI General Counsel Mark Cohen, to include a provision that prohibits them from doing so.

You can read the revised item #4 and download the updated Release here:


This release will not protect a home inspector when a named insured files a claim for damages under their insurance policy that requires the policyholder to assist the insurance company in subrogating against a home inspector.

Example …

You happen to be one of those home inspectors who will energize an electrical system or water distribution system that had been turned off when you arrived, and it results in a fire or water damage, or …

You test the furnace in an empty house and it is discovered a few days later that the furnace was off and pipes froze, broke, and damaged the interior.

On the spot, you attempt to escape additional liability by refunding your inspection fee and/or provide other compensation and get this (or a similar) release signed. All is fine between you and your client, and the property owner files a claim with their insurance company.

Nothing in this release stops the insurance company from suing you to collect for the amount of money they paid to the policyholder to address the damages.

That’s not the situation this release is for…and if you did use it here, it’s not between you and your client…

Thanks for the info Jim!