Updated "What Really Matters" Video

We recently updated the “What Really Matters” video.

We improved the green-screen, increased Paige’s lighting, edited the text, and added background music from NACHI.TV.

Visit www.nachi.org/what_really_matters.htm to watch the video.

And use the “embed” button to embed the video onto your business website.

nice video

Thanks Ben,
I would encourage all inspectors with video on their sites ad this video. It needs to be clear, concise & aimed at the buyers questions or concerns.This video does just that. I justposted it.
Thanks again!

What really matters? Beer in the fridge, keys to the Harley, and a good BBQ grill.

Thanks Ben, I’d like to see InterNachi do a few more videos of this type as most of us are always looking for professional content for our websites.

Great job! Thanks.

I believe the embedded code is the same.

We’re looking into that. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so that you don’t miss the announcement at http://www.formstack.com/forms/?1365807-mdjE1Ht4c3
Until then http://www.nachi.org/consumer-guides.htm

Thanks Ben, look great

The partially hidden InterNACHI logo at the bottom right side needs to be removed.

Will this be uploaded to YouTube?

Here you go Jim. http://youtu.be/QYZGgAIzb-M

The edition that Tim Bright posted is clean, the logo on the bottom right is gone.
Thanks Tim. Good hustle!

Thanks Tim!

Thanks Ben,
I had the old one on my Site, Just replaced it

are you placing the you tube link or is there HTML to actually place the video on the site

Visit www.nachi.org/what_really_matters.htm to get the embed code.
Use the the “embed” button near the video window.

The YouTube embed code is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYZGgAIzb-M&feature=share&list=UU682ktH2UsgNdCjl83TpDWg

Got it, thanks

This is a great Video! Will we be able to download it like the previous version? I have this video on my website and my YouTube Channel.


Nice video Ben. I have been posting on Youtube for years. Video has more impact than just pictures!