Upgrade for Flir E-6

Yes if you used your neighbors hitch its called stealing:shock: if ya bought the hitch and installed it its called an upgrade.:wink:

This has got to be the dumbest post I have ever read. Dude if you find your self in a hole quit digging:p

So if I buy a car and they don’t give me the key to the trunk, if I unlock it… it’s stealing :roll:

Heyjuz criminy! What the hell they put in the water down there???

Funny how people do not understand intellectual property rights. Don’t get me wrong, I thi nk that Flir’s practice of crippling their hardware with firmware to manipulate pricing is reprehensible and would never survive in a competitive marketplace. Howver, if you think owning crippled hardware gives you the right to install Flir firmware that is not licenced to that unit, you are mistaken. Just like your regular NACHI membership does not give you the right to claim and use CMI status and licensed property.

What is more funny is these guys are the first to Bi*** if someone uses one of their inspection reports that they did not pay for but they want to do the same to FLIR

Not true… It isn’t “Firmware”…It is “Software”…
I have all the legal rights to my device… Yep!
If I wanted to paint it green I could…

Well this is an interesting conversation. You guys know what’s right, and what isn’t. I’m not going to tell you.

Well said Chuck.

Firmware is software that communicates directly with the hardware BIOS.

You do own the device and can do whatever you want with it. Even write your own firmware. What you don’t own is the FLIR software that you install in the process of hacking your device.

Well articulated Chuck, maybe I’ll wait until next year… when Seek offers something comparable to the e8.

I’m neither your judge or your conscience. I won’t try to tell you that I have never done anything similar. I just want folks to be aware of what it means and that it’s not the same thing as unlocking a cell phone.

I think FLIR’s practice is unconscionable and they deserve no brand loyalty from consumers when there are viable competitive products available. You certainly wouldn’t expect to encounter this kind of practice from the likes of Canon and Nikon.

Yes one thing that really steered me to this point was reaching out to flir and their unacceptable (to me) handling of the situation. I have spent thousands on their (extect and flir) products and have had many problems. As stated earlier the e8 platform pops up on my e6 from time to time as well as many other issues such as error messages… freezing up…rarely use the e6 without the restart of the e6. Some of the stuff I have seen on the internet it appears that they introduce flaws into the device to dumb it down, that appear to be affecting the performance of the device I paid for.
I bought a '70 Monte Carlo for $350 in the PX parking lot at Ft. Eustis, It did not run right when I bought it, it was terrible… sputtering… no power. I asked a (mechanic) friend of mine about it… he said buy me a case of beer and a carb rebuild kit for the Monte… he pulled the carburetor sat down in the parking lot with it between his legs… less than an hour later that baby was purring like a kitten… and I put thousands of carefree miles on that car.

If the upgrade was illegal they wouldn’t be selling the upgraded cameras on Ebay.

You guys can argue this crap all day long, but it comes down to one thing; Flir must have possession and control (by contract) as to what you do to the product. I have equipment that I paid for, own and operate. Buut every time I turn on this equipment, I must pay a user fee to operate it. Yes I can “Hack” past it, but that is the “intellectual property rights” talked about here. Hell, we are still in conflict with the guy who thinks he has rights to all Thermal Imaging Processes! So every time we turn on a TI Camera, we are potentially violating his “intellectual property rights”. Flir maintains no control of the equipment they sell and the software changes are not from Flir (no ownership). I do not agree with this hacking thing, but Flir let it happen by dumbing down the software in their higher end equipment in order to sell more cameras, which they could recover the cost if you wanted an upgrade from them later. If you do not follow this plan, Flir is no longer responsible in any way for your equipment. Both are stupid and do not deserve conversation between us, the users. It is what it is. Home Inspectors are a bunch of “hard heads” (I’m on top of the pile). No need to be at one another for Flir’s screw up.

You might think you are hard headed but I probably am more so. I don’t like the word Hack and never will. To much of it going on and copyright is right there along side of it. What belongs to another person belongs to them.

I will be presenting an IR class this week end using a copyright Power point from infraspection with permission. I most likely could have used this information in my own power point without anyone knowing the difference. Its not my way I asked permission face to face while at the IR confrence to use his handout on building envelops. Jim Sefferin offered me his ready made power point which I gratefully excepted and will give him credit in the class

Lol. You just said it. They sell the upgraded imagers on eBay. When you hack them, you are steeling from them…

I just purchased a Winchester 1897 rifle, a Cimarron 12gauge coach shotgun, and two Ruger single action revolvers to shoot cowboy action competition.

Upon arrival I dismantled all four guns, replaced parts and modified them to run better in high-speed competition.

What did I steal?

Again, stop and think about “possession”.

When you modify something you own (change the spark plugs in your truck) are you stealing from GMC?

I could have purchased these same guns from third-party gunsmiths who do the same thing to the guns before they resell them to you and me.

Are they thieves?

Apples and oranges;-)


You own the hardware and can do pretty much anything you want with it, save for some gubmn’t restrictions, but FLIR owns the software. They grant you license to use the software that they own. They do not grant you license to install software intended for a different model device.

interNACHI grants CPIs license to use the CPI logo. interNACHI does not grant CPIs permission to use the CMI logo. Neither FLIR nor interNACHI surrender their intellectual property ownership rights to their customers.

If you don’t want to take my word for it RTFM.