Upgrade needed!!

This house was in need of updating.

FPE, Pushmatic, Fuses and Lots of Knob & Tube.

All this needed was a Zinsco for a Royal flush!!

If anyone needs some pics of Knob & tube being splice with Romex be gald to send to you or post.

I love these shaqs!!

You wonder how these panels last so long without burning a house down. You also wonder why you can never find anything hot in many of them…

You have to push the envelope;-):wink:

That will usually do it.

My question why are you inspecting Homes in TN Sean and i have that covered lolol;-)

Funny when I look at the photo I see some issues with cables not being properly supported but I don’ t see anything that is noticeably hazardous. Am I missing something?