Upgrade with a downside

A recently inspected home had a new 200 AMP panel installed as an upgrade to sell the house. What was not mentioned was the original panel, in a hall utilities closet. was over packed. All the room in the new panel did not relieve the over crowding in the old box. No panel cover was installed on the old box. Further evaluation, trying to reinstall the cover that was available, wiring inside the box was holding the cover out from the box and could not be set into position. Lastly, if the cover was able to be installed the door could not be opened to reach the breakers because the water heater was to close / to high to allow the panel cover door to swing open.

Does not look overcrowded so much as need re-positioning from the picture.

The panel in photo #1 is complete hack work installed by someone who was totally incompetent. One can only imagine what else this hack did that you cannot see.

and the panel in photo #2 has issues as well - overfill not being one of them…

Some stuff just should not be sold to the general public. :roll:

Ken, what makes that panel worse than any other panel freely available to a homeowner?

It was just a generalization and yes as freely is what I was getting at, and if you noticed it said Value Pack. :roll: