Upgrades to NACHI.ORG

Hey everyone,

We just released an update to NACHI.ORG that introduces a new login system and some speed improvements. Let me know if you notice any bugs with the new system… I’ll keep an eye on this thread, so you can post any comments here.


Hi Chris:

I have noticed recently that when I click on an attachment the screen goes grey and the attachment does not enlarge.

I just got a new desktop machine with Win 7
I was thinking it was something on my end.

None of the recent changes affect the message board, so I’m guessing it’s the new computer. Have you tried using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

Chris the email that I have sent to you, Tim and Nick still hasn’t been resolved…:frowning:


Forwarded to Chris and Tim.

Tired Firefox–no change

Doug, try the new IE-9. I have been using it for a while now ( in BETA ) and it is a great improvement over the older versions. Just might do the trick.

I’ve had quite a few people tell me that they can’t register on the new system.

Me too.

Sign up issues have been fixed. Sorry about that, everyone.