Upside Down Breaker

Opinions please, I know breakers are to get installed in the position where on and off is upright.Can anyone explain how this breaker was installed upside down?

GLENN 004-Upside Down Breaker.jpg

You need the whole picture. The breaker below it is correct. That is the way that panel is designed.
I do not know when the “Up=On” code was put in place, but at one time those panels must have been code legal, or they would have never been made.

A larger photo would be better, however, I can still ask this question, is the panel upside-down?



The panel is certainly not upside-down. It looks side-ways to me. . .

Horizontal operation of the breakers has always been allowed. With a wider angle, it would give us a better indication of what’s going on.

This has been in 240.81 (Up=On) since at least 75. I also know there were non-compliant panels made into the 80s. (I have a GE I bought in 1983) I am not sure how they reconciled this at U/L.

Sorry guys only photo I got…

Thats what I thought. I have seen those 70’s panels just like the one above and they were accepted when installed.