Upwards of 80K + Out of the Box - NYC Partner Inspector NDA No Compete Independent Contractor 4

Upwards of 80K + Out of the Box - NYC Partner Inspector NDA No Compete Independent Contractor

License required
Tools Required
Report writing skills Required
Must be Timely, Honest. Personable, Friendly, Energetic, Have Positive Energy and Professional
You Must Be Insured
Some Evenings and Weekends You Will Be Required To Work
Must Be Tech Friendly from tools, to software reporting, to emails
Must Be Tech Ready, lap top, internet, smart phone, email, messaging, banking** and the like

This is not for you if:

You are unlicensed
You are uninsured
You are unsure of your commitment to the trade
You are not a Nachi member
If you lack professionalism
If you think your job is to NOT kill the deal
If you are eager to build your own business
If you think the opportunity to earn 80K and growing in the blink of an eye comes easy
If you think I am hear to teach you to build your own business
If you think you will learn now and compete later with a Friends name
If you never recognize that there is room for improvement
If you are Lazy
If you signed up for the 5 hour be your own boss work week

Please contact me by email and share why you should be interviewed, Include your resume no matter how thick or thin. Your clarity and presentation will be your first test to see if we can be a good fit.

I am not near as hard or bad as my presentation may sound, just may as well thin the heard ahead of time. I am not looking for a best friend or a student, just a coworker / co partner / independent contractor that has great work ethics, likes the business and wants to earn bank without having to wear the ten hats required to make any business income successful and consistent.

Thank you to everyone! Everyone that replies by email will be reviewed and considered.
Please include all of your contact info, and work experience / history.

Equal Opportunity For All
***Please do not be intimidated if you do not meet all qualifications. I truly am nice and easy, but I just refuse to be stepped on ( as in my past partnerships) when treating folks like Gold.

-Dennis Kanakis


-Dennis Kanakis
***may be better to use the Nachi messaging system

This is a great opportunity for a great inspector. Thank you for your interest.
Please message me with your info as well as questions.

New opening, start tomorrow 8/23/21. Earn 3 grand on tomorrows schedule! Contact for immediate interview.

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Hope you have some luck!! :wink: