It’s my understanding that USAA uses DMI for wind mitigation inspections. Will they accept a UMVI that’s not from DMI?
Anyone have experience with this?

By common law they should, but it depends on the underwriting firm which they use. haven’t done any wind mitigation for USAA yet. You may want to ask the agency for the insured prior to conducting the inspection.

Why wouldn’t they? As long as the inspector is licensed per one of the licensees listed in 627.711 of the Fl. statutes, the insurance company would be required to accept a valid wind mitigation report from the inspector. If they want to inspect the structure or question the report from the authorized licensee that completed the report, then that would be on their dime.

I have performed Wind Mitigation Inspections for USAA members without any problems

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.

Likewise. I have done hundreds of them for them.

Do you have a direct source to send them to, or do you let the client handle that.
I’ve done them for USAA in the past, but it’s been awhile.

I send it to the client.