Use them or lose them...

The headlines are self-explanatory and everyone is aware of what’s coming. Now I’m not naive enough to think that everyone here is on the same side of this issue but please consider this…

“It is hardly too strong to say that the constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions…There are men, in all ages…who mean to govern well; but they mean to govern. They promise to be kind masters; but they mean to be masters…They think there need be but little restraint upon themselves…the love of power may sink too deep in their own hearts”–Daniel Webster.

They’re not simply coming after left/right, or democratic/republican freedoms…they’re coming after them all. Once your ability to protect yourself is stripped, what’s next…your bank account? Property? If you think this sounds farfetched you might want to do some research. Just in the last 4 years your freedom of speech and right to a trial was on the chopping block. When you allow your employees to whittle away at the freedoms that may not directly matter to you…you’ve essentially given them permission to attack them all. STOP being a Democrat or Repunlican and become an American committed to ensuring the integrity of the Constitution. If protecting the integrity of the 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter to you…it surely will when its gone and they come after the rest.

Ruger has made it easy to make your voice heard here…

Many around here are not even willing to protect themselves and their families :frowning:

I have lost respect for some by their statements but will keep that information to myself as most are decent people even though I now think they are idiots.

My response to any who ask will be the same. No Comment if they ask If I am talking about them or not.

It has been said that when you fail to assert your rights… you’ll likely never get them back.

Just because you failed to take a stand, doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a decision on it.

Everyone has to make their own choices and unfortunately they view this as a gun issue…a left and right issue…an us against them issue. The reality is that if we collectively allow this to happen, all of our freedoms will fall and it be be everyone’s issue. It will also be too late to affect change.

I have given up long ago about affecting change in anything.

I just do my best to survive no matter what asinine rules are put in front of me.

Too many are willing to sacrifice the rights that “others” value, under the mistaken perception that if they don’t anticipate personally applying that right they lose nothing by the surrender or abridgment of it. This enables the government, regardless of party affiliation, to divide the electorate in order to continuously and relentlessly erode our freedoms from the edges. Each successful incursion into our freedoms and liberties paves the way for further incursions. There is no limit to the creativity exhibited by politicians for usurping our rights for “the greater good”. The framers of the Constitution would find the bloated, overbearing, overreaching Federal government that we have today all but unrecognizable as being regulated by the Constution - it has become the very thing that they sought to protect us from.

I feel it is the duty of every American to cherish and protect the unique legacy of freedoms that so many fought and worked so hard and long to secure for us, regardless of whether we, as individuals, ever intend to use them or not. They are part of our collective liberty.

I use the rights afforded to me by the second amendment, though many do not it is still their right too. I, on the other hand, never anticipate personally NEEDing the rights afforded to us all by the sixth amendment, but I sure as hell will not support its abridgment by well meaning politicians just because I don’t expect to need it personally.

If you consent to the abridgment of any particular freedom or protection provided by the Constitution, you consent to the abridgment of all of them.

We should ALL be equally protective of ALL of our freedoms. They were won for us at great cost and are a part of what makes the U.S. unique among nations.

Just in case someone needs a refresher course… :wink:

Transcript of The Declaration of Independence

Transcript of The Constitution of the United States

Transcript of The Bill of Rights

When they came for the guns I remained silent…I don’t own a gun

When they came for the Constitutionalists I remained silent…it’s just a piece of paper.

When they came for the protesters I remained silent…I don’t protest

When they came for my right to a fair and speedy trial I remained silent…I’m not a criminal

When they came for me there was no one left to speak out.

No matter what party, I always vote for the guy who is not in office. That is true change that I believe in.