Used Breakers

I am wiring a Murray (Crouse Hinds) panel for demonstration purposes. If anyone has any used breakers that will fit this panel, please send them to me and I’ll gladly refund the postage. The breakers don’t have to be functional as the panel will never be energized.

Bill Smith
721 Glenridge Lane
East Northport, NY, 11731

Bill; I’ll sent you some breakers, I’ll check in my shop tomorrow and see what I have and will mail them to you as soon as possible (Sat. or Tue.).


Thanks Gary - I’ll reimburse you for the postage. I really appreciate it.

Bill; package is in the mail, no need to reimburse the postage.


Wow- That is a very nice gesture on your part. I owe you one! :smiley:


I got the breakers today. Thanks again! :smiley: