Used my drone to save my house

Well not really lol, but it made my tree guy happy and he returned the favor. I do have the FAA license but foolishly didn’t think about using the drone to film the tree removal until they started, then I had two half charged batteries and was rusty after not flying it for a few months. Tree guy was awesome to watch in action and dropped that thing in 2 hrs from arrival to there was nothing for him to climb anymore. Pine beetles killed the one side in what seemed liked weeks. ( wife loves to edit movies, see some of the other stuff on our channel)

Glad you made it through the storm Mike… Prayers and best wishes to you and your family!

Yes that tree was turning more each day as Irma was headed to FL and we were freaking lol…prayers and best wishes worked…now it’s just a countdown to till the twins are here ( November 6th 7:30 am is the max lol)

And glad everyone one here weathered Irma and dodged Nate

Great job. What drone do you use?

Wow that is a great video, I could see that tree guy using you to spend a few days videoing him do different types of jobs and us it as a sales tool.

dji phantom 3 standard, lol…nothing fancy

I got him to throw the stump grinding in for free lol…ticked I didn’t think about it ahead of time or I could have done a lot better but oh well