using 120v on a 240v breaker ?

Hey guys thanks in advance on this one. If a 120 volt well pump is wired to only half of a 240 volt breaker and nothing is attached to the other lug, its just empty, is this a acceptable practice. The reason that was given was that in the future a 240 volt pump can be installed. I let this go on a job, as I have done this myself in the past. Is there any hazard ?, does it overload the circuit to the pump? Will the breaker still work if there is a short? Thanks Ron

No problem. . .

Aren’t breakers rated in AMPS?

Well yes, the protection rating of any general purpose breaker is in amps. I am assuming the question did not concern the ampacity rating of the breaker vs the load, but rather whether it is ok it use only one pole of a two pole breaker (which it is). Wasteful, but ok.

He should have said a “two-pole breaker” rather than a 240V breaker, but I think I understood the question. . .

I think your answer was clear.

Ahh, now I get it.