Using Portable Device for Insp Forms & Reports

I have been Looking for a good portable hand held or small computer for my inspections. One I like is the CTL 2go Convertable Classmate Netbook. Has anyone used this device? If so are the offered upgrades needed? Is there some thing better? Any advice would be appreciated. I’m just getting started, and want to get it right the first time-Thanx-Don Miceli

Don, I use one. I have the 9" screen version. I wish I had the 10" screen version, which they just came out with.

Sign on to the Home Inspector Pro Message board. (Its free) They have an entire thread over there on the 2go tablet that gets some manufacturer contributions to it.

It’s a great little machine though.

A small camera and a digital voice recorder on a rope around my neck is hard to beat.