Using Smart Text

In choosing narratives, are you comfortable building sentences using multiple (2, 3 or more) Smart Text choices per narrative or would you rather have more narratives in the local list, with Smart Text limited to one- occasionally 2- per narrative?

I prefer less overall narratives.

Personally I like the Smart Text as it does just that, limits the number of narratives to select from.

P-Trap leaking under *
*Kitchen sink
*Bathroom sink
*Laundry sink

Shingles on the *home *detached garage *outhouse are *damaged *missing *deteriorated *

Those two narratives slimmed down the number of narratives from 12 to 2. See if any other software can do that.

Yes, most other software can do that. Kenton is asking because more drop downs means more clicks to complete a narrative. There’s a balance between just writing a narrative out and using those drop downs.

True after you and everyone copied our smart text approach. We were the first to come out with it and ours provides a way to build a sentence with multiple smart words which can be very fast for those who know how to use it. Dom, I don’t need your help on my forum thread.

I think he might be a closet HG user/lover. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know it was HG only?

Its not HG only Roy. I just don’t need my competitor squatting here. I am sure there are other things he can do at his own Forum

Someone fill me in on smart text and how it is used in any inspection software?
Is it like auto complete?

I can have a smart word to include in my auto comment to replace for instance location.

I could write:
The gutter is damaged at the location-exterior

Then I can make replacement text for location such as
front of home
rear of home
left side facing front
So when I drop that auto-comment in a window pops up that allows me to select the replacement text.

He’s looking for his next “innovation”. :slight_smile:

A smart sentence takes other words and makes the smart words too;

Instead of: The gutter is damaged at the location-exterior

I could make a smart word for gutter:
The gutter/downspout defect at the location-exterior

where gutter/downspout could have replacement text such as:

And the smart word** defect** could have replacement text such as:
peeling paint

The gutter/downspout defect at the location-exterior is only one simple line that I could have many variables say 20 or more easily.


Then move this conversation to HG forum rather than thinking having it on a open Home Inspectors forum insulates you from the many negatives of your software such as years trying to get it to work on Apple mobile devices with no luck.

Putting a special little thread here is like Inspectors who sell out to Brokers offices to get a special ad in the monthly flyer. honestly think others do not see this section as a back room deal ] ?

Can’t stand the heat get out of the Kitchen…or take this thread to private and stop forcing it on the majority who care less about your inferior product line.:cool:

Like many here we click on fresh threads and do not see the category or section till later.

Make it a closed section for your over paying customers only.
This redundant section takes up valuable forum space and besides do you not have your own website for this cr-p ?

You are becoming the new Thorn.

Wow bob I thought you did one page reports? Why the anger ?

I don’t expect you to know how to distinguish between a HG Forum and other threads Bob but I do expect the owner of another software company to know the difference. And he does

No more anger than with Thorn last year.
How did that turn out ?

Wayne stepping out of your little special feeling of you being a HG user do you think private vendors should be able to hijack members forums ?

Did you enjoy it when the Thorn did did it ?

Bob, you are just jealous.

LOL! Copied? That’s just silly. There were Microsoft Access programs 20 years ago that I’ve seen copies of that had drop downs. It’s definitely not a unique feature.

No one’s squatting, nor did I know it was even an HG question. I clicked on New Posts on my phone which shows new posts in ALL forums and saw a question from Kenton (who uses HIP). There was no mention of HG in the subject or question so I commented.

I am not talking about drop downs. Our Smart words and smart sentences are unique and we were the first to have them in there.

Russell, I’ve never actually used HG so I’m probably missing something. What’s the different between drop down boxes within a narrative and your smart words/sentences? Guess I couldn’t have copied as HIP has drop down boxes within narratives (we call them Lists). I just assumed based on your descriptions that it’s identical to the drop downs we (and other programs) have, especially since you were accusing my of copying (again).