Using soapy water to save lives

See how we use soapy water to save lives :slight_smile:

A very weak mixture of soap portion works best.
I discovered a manufacturing defect in elbows that way once.

They actually make a pre mix fluorescent solution that shows up better.
(bright green)

Using your TIFF is more recommended as you will not be soaping
a whole pipe section.

No better way to find leaks in my opinion. Found 8 yesterday on a 100 year old home.

I also agree with what Bob says but I’ve found the soap a great tool to pin point the exact location of a leak.

Juan’s video is not an example of saving lives.

Jeesh. Good luck ever getting a gas concentration high enough to cause a hazard with that very small leak.

Should it leak?

No, but no one is being saved.

My video is an example of how inspections save lives.

If you want to burn alive in your home, get Mike Larson to inspect your home!

If you want a stupid alarmist inexperienced inspector please hire Juan Jimenez.

As soon as you remove your stupid comment about me i will remove mine. Get it?

No. I am ok with my post and yours.

A the truth of mine is just fine with me.

You didn’t save anyone by finding that miniscule leak.

Mike Larson obviously doesn’t think finding gas leaks during inspections is important.

Caveat Emptor-Buyer Beware

Again more black mail from the master himself . ( Michael Larson )

In my post found at

You will see that the gas company,which was Columbia gas, came out immediately, inspected the area, and shut off the gas. They must have felt, as did I, that this was a dangerous situation.

You can also the photo of my TIF which was detecting a lot of gas. TIF’s can detect all kinds of combustible gas. To be sure it was the gas meter leaking, I confirmed with the soapy water. It obviously worked.

I guess some inspectors, such as Mikey, don’t understand how dangerous a gas leak can be.

Caveat Emptor

Small leaks can build up.
I found a small leak traveling through a apartment that was getting kids sick by traveling the return.

My Fire Chief client was grateful.

No one is talking about inside leaks Bob.:roll::roll:

Juan made a ridiculous claim.

Yep and for arguments sake, here are some photos, and defects not included in my post, as I was saving them for another post.

The relief valve, and the leak, are only two feet away from the window.

Been there done that same result Gas company shut of the gas .

Thanks for a great reminder .

I am sure others will get good info from your post… Thanks … Roy

Oh. Mike Larson thinks outside gas leaks are safe. That is definitely an interesting opinion.

I thought it was implied, but we use this method on indoor leaks as well. Mike Larson doesn’t think it is important during his home inspections, but we certainly do. Gas leaks are dangerous, and we save lives by doing our very best to find the ones inside, and outside your home.

Caveat Emptor-Buyer Beware

Glad to know other inspectors care about their clients.

You are not very bright.:roll:

I should have you call some of my clients.

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