Using Survey / Inspection camera

I have been using a head mounted survey camera to complete inspections. I use it mostly to make sure I do not overlook any items during a job. I would like to know if anyone has used clips in digital form for clients?

John, I don’t use one but would like to know what camera you use as I have thought about trying one in certain applications.

I use the adrenaline systems Survey Camera. You can check it out here:

I have never used one, but how much recording time does it give you?

From post #3 link:

System Specifications

****Record to SD card up to 8GB **(up to 8 hours of video / audio)


****Universal Mounting - One size fits all **


****Super Easy operation! **Completely fool-proof menu operation. This means immediate utility on the field without costly delays.


****Lightweight **Minimize fatigue during extended use.


**Runs on standard AA batteries. uses standard batteries to avoid directly re-charging which means in quick and easy filed power swap.


**USB connectivity . Unit can be connected directly to your computer for system functions.

is there a belt buckle version? :slight_smile:

No…but that sounds like a good joke…But I sometimes take it off to reach into tight areas to take a look later what is there!