Using the Board

I’ve been trying to figure out how to view new posts only in the forums I’m subscribed to - can anyone help me out? I want to be able to quickly review new posts/threads in specific categories, then mark the category read and move on.

Thanks in advance.


Control panel. It will show your subscribed posts with new comments. For all subscriptions click List Subscriptions.

Or at top right click Quick Links, then click Subscribed Threads.

Umm…not sure either of these get me there. I don’t want to have to subscribe to a thread I want to see new posts and threads within a forum.

What I’m after is something like the “New Posts” link, but that only shows me new posts in the forums I’m interested in. If I click New Posts now I see new posts in all forums, then I have to sift through them and for example I’m not typically interested in reading all of the course submissions.

Unfortunately there is no such animal. Everyone is sick of weeding through the Student and Educational forums, but Nick refuses to do anything about it. So many quit, or cut back, visiting the message board.

What would I do about that? We tell students to make their course posts in the educational forum. Most follow the instructions, some don’t.

Hey Nick,

Even if they do you still see them if you use the “New Posts” link. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to log in to the board or to filter the “New Posts” results and just view the new posts in the forums that have been subscribed to. You can get a daily or weekly email, but that batch of emails can be overwhelming as well. It would be really handy to be able to log in to the board throughout the day and just get a quick list of new posts or updated threads in the forums that you’re interested in following regularly.